1660 Route 25A • Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Catch & Keep Trout Fishing

Every Friday through Tuesday: 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm
Fishing NOT offered on Wednesdays & Thursdays
June, July & August: Sat. & Sun. Additional Session 4pm-6pm

Spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations.

Admission + $5/session.
All trout caught MUST be kept and are $4 per fish.
Bring your own fishing equipment or rent from the Hatchery.  You can rent a fishing rod or purchase bait for $2 each.

Call (516) 692-6768 for more information.

Rules & Regulations:

  •  Fishing is on a first come, first serve basis, no more than 12 fisherpeople on the fishing platform at a time.
  •  Only paid fisherpeople may enter the fishing platform.
  •  Fishing will only take place on the fishing platform during designated times.
  •  Fishing poles may be rented from the Hatchery, one hook & bobber included in the rental.
    Rental fees must be paid at the time of rental.
  •  Bait and additional hooks & bobbers may be purchased in the Gift Shop.
  •  Part of the fishing experience is baiting and removing fish from the hook yourself.
  •  Personal fishing equipment, with the exception of fly fishing rods, may be used.
  •  The Hatchery is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal fishing equipment.

** A fishing fee of $5 per person will be paid before entering the fishing platform.
** All trout caught must be kept.  ** No catch and release fishing.**
** All trout caught will cost $4 per fish.

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Fish Sales

The Hatchery sells brook and rainbow trout for stocking purposes. If you are interested in purchasing trout, contact Steve DeSimone, Director, at (516) 692-6768. Trout pricing and delivery charges are subject to change. Please contact the Hatchery for the most up to date pricing. We’ll deliver a few dozen for backyard ponds or hundreds for sportsmen clubs. Place your orders early to ensure your preferred delivery date.

Where are the fish stocked?
Fish are stocked all over Long Island and eastern New York and as far north as the Adirondacks.
What time of year are fish stocked?
We stock fish year round, but mostly in the spring and fall due to cooler temperatures. The warmer weather in July and August is more stressful for the trout and makes it more difficult to transport them.
What type of pond is ideal for trout?
Trout require cold, highly oxygenated water (50-65°F), but can tolerate temperatures up to 70°F for short periods of time.
What type of trout do you sell?
We currently sell rainbow and brook trout
Where do the eggs come from?
We take our own brook trout eggs from on-site broodstock.
What size fish do you stock?
The majority of the fish we stock range from 10"-18" brook and rainbow trout.
Where does the water come?
The water comes from spring water and six artesian wells. We get 50-75 gallons per minute of spring water from the Upper Spring Pond and 325 gallons per minutes of well water. This water is at a constant 52°F all year long. No pumps are used to move water through the Hatchery. The springs and artesian wells flow naturally from underground pressure and a slight pitch on the Hatchery grounds allows water to flow freely through the trout ponds.
What about New York State Disease Inspections?
The Hatchery has not tested positive for any certifiable diseases.